I’m a Brooklyn-based designer. Nice to meet you.


I am a Brooklyn-based designer with over 8-years of experience in architecture, urban, and graphic design. My work ranges from architectural projects including houses and office buildings to graphic design projects with an almost obsessive placement of shapes and typography. My explorations in the design world also include furniture design, user-interface, and web design, as well as graphic arts, wayfinding, and branding design. I find that my interests in the design profession are mostly targeted at solving problems - whether they are aesthetic issues of form, scale, and material, or hiccups in the design and production process. I believe that design can be the solution to problems at all scales.

I've had the privilege of being involved with architectural higher-education while practicing. I have been a visiting critic at various architecture schools including Pratt Institute, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Temple, New York Institute of Technology and Syracuse University.

I studied architecture at Syracuse University where I received a Bachelor of Architecture in 2013. Upon graduation, I was awarded the Luther Gifford Prize, an annual award for highest rank in architectural scholarship. My thesis, Simultaneous Cities was awarded a Dean's Citation for Excellence in Thesis Design.