Located at the collision point between two rapidly gentrifying post-industrial neighborhoods, Wellshaüs aims to create a micro-neighborhood rooted in its historical context.

Designed while an Architectural Designer at L2Partridge in Philadelphia.


The site, which currently is home to the locally infamous George Wells Meat Company, was recently considered for development. The 150-year-old brick warehouse building that currently occupies the site was slated for demolition. Our firm was engaged to strategize and design a 500-unit residential development on the site.

The design team took the context, both geographical and historical, very seriously. Following extensive research about the site and its current occupant, the team resisted the demolition of the existing structures. The proposed design solution aimed to create an active residential community born out of the existing buildings. As a method of creating active civic engagement at the pedestrian scale, public and retail program was added to the ground level and a pedestrian street was introduced to bisect the disproportionately long site.

Wellshaus Siteplan

Program Organization

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