We're a multi-disciplinary design consultancy.

We are a multi-disciplinary design consultancy led by George Little.

Simply put, we design stuff - graphics, branding, objects, products, packaging, and even architecture. We see design as a means to solve problems and create beauty regardless of medium. By combining different ways of thinking about an issue, product, or problem - we come up with better solutions.

George Little, AIGA, Assoc. AIA

George Little has been a designer for over 8-years with a strong focus on architectural and graphic design. Throughout his career, George came to understand the power of problem solving through the combination of multiple design disciplines. He realized that the best solutions to complex problems and projects, are often found by looking at an issue through different disciplines or approaches. George is constantly fascinated by upcoming design technologies and is involved with architectural and design education. He has been a critic at universities including Pratt, Syracuse, and Columbia. George's next challenge is learning how to design and make furniture.

Bachelor of Architecture
Syracuse University, 2013
Awarded the Luther Gifford Prize in Architecture